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Organizing is an important step when downsizing your home.  Whether
you are staying in your home or moving to a new one, organizing provides
you with a safe and peaceful environment.  
Transitioning Through Life, LLC
will help you organize all your spaces.  

Your space will function simply and easily with the Certified Professional Organizers of Transitioning Through Life, LLC.  Safety is a top priority for furniture placement and functionality of your home.

All your possessions will be easily found, with clear labeling, by you and your caregivers. All your pertinent papers will be gathered so when your loved
ones need them, they will have easy access.


Donating and Recycling

Transitioning Through Life, LLC is always looking to donate and recycle all materials clients no longer want or need.

Our client donated all the items in picture plus more to Goodwill. The donation equaled a total of 50 donations which converts to over 24 hours of job counseling for someone in our local community.