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When we downsized to a condo, we packed up our essentials and
moved out.  We knew we needed to process the remainder of the
items from our home, but couldn’t find the stamina needed to
process 35 years of living in one home. I contacted Transitioning
Through Life
because we knew we needed to move forward and
finally empty the home and sell it.

Ellen and Julie were incredible with helping us process our many
remaining belongings, and we had a lot after living in one place
for 36 years.

They sorted the things into like categories and helped us sort our
stuff.  They sat with us and helped us work through the project
even though many times we were “done” with that sorting session.
They found resources for donating many things so they had new
homes. We have finally listed our home and know that we
couldn’t have come to that point without Transitioning Through

It took me a while to contact them as I finally realized I needed the help and we are so glad we asked Ellen and Julie to help us through this transition.  Thank you both many times.



Transitioning Through Life has been helping my wife and me over the past few months make our home that we have live in for over 50 years more livable and safer. They take the time to listen and going through the items and removing clutter.  We are eliminating the many items that have accumulated ove the years.   

We would recommend the Transitioning Through Life team to anyone needing their service.